David Grace

Bay Area, California

Programmer, SysAdmin, Artist


For a complete resume, email me.


  • Embedded Systems Developer - I contracted with Novariant, Inc. on a GPS receiver base station project. I designed and wrote the firmware for the station, which used Green Hill Software’s INTEGRITY RTOS. I also write the end-user config software (written in MSVC++, MFC API and Boost).

    My next program was to write the firmware and control software used in conjunction with a custom hardware testing jig for testing hardware developed by a joint partnership with Leica Geosystems. The front-end software was a simple step-by-step QA test suite written in C# and interfaced with a C++ DLL backend.

  • Mobile Application Developer – As part of the Novariant steering project, I created a Android and iOS mobile application which was used to control Novariant’s tractor navigation system, called SimpleSteer. The application was a mix of C++ code (utilizing the Marmalade framework, native code (Java for Android, Objective-C for iOS), and Lua.

  • Website Front-end Developer – My final project with Novariant was a re-imaging of their website at I designed the HTML and coding. The website is generated from the Jade and Less template system, managed by Node.js. I also wrote a Joomla template and interface plugin to work with the Node.js build system.

    Later I worked on the WaterPulse website at using a similar system.

  • Realtime and Rendered Graphics Experience – I am familiar with realtime graphics systems, such as DirectX and Open GL. I am also familiar with 3D modeling and creation tools, such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, Lightware and Blender.

  • Video Game Development – I develop video games as a hobby. My last game was called Legend of Kalevala. This Flash game was distributed initially on Kongregate, where it quickly earned a 4 star rating and received badges from Kongregate staff. I have a detailed post-mortem of my development process online.

    My last weekend game jam entry, Kudzundheit, won 13th place out of 1300 entries. The source code for Kudzundheit is available online.

  • Realtime Tools Developer and Consultant – In 2006, I worked on an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) promoting Audi’s new A6 car. The campaign was called “Art of the Heist” and I was contracted by ILL Clan machinima group to creating a realtime puppeteering system based on the the Torque Game Engine.

    ILL Clan continued to use the Torque game engine I helped modify to perform their video game based machinima talk show entitled “Tra5hTa1k” and later for an MTV spot.