David Grace

Bay Area, California

Programmer, SysAdmin, Artist


I make more than just games. (Sometimes!) Here are my non-game projects, or game-related projects which aren’t playable games in of themselves.

Game Engine Projects

Non-Game Projects

  • YeenBot - A simple Telegram bot written in Javascript and Node.js.

  • Remote Excavator/Builder - Minecraft automatic excavator and builder robot written in Lua. [Article]

  • Tuatara - C# library for accessing uPnP enabled devices. [Article]

  • Malkavianizer - Twitter Ehorse_book-like bot written in Javascript and utilizing Node.js. [Article].

  • thex-to-bin - THEX-to-BIN converts simple .HEX files (ie: text files made of strings of hex bytes) into raw binary files. C#.