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A Stitch in Time is my entry in the Ludum Dare #22 game jam. Help future-traveling Time Kitten defeat the evil Doctor Odo as they clash in modern times.

Controls are simple: Just move your ship with the mouse and hold left mouse button to fire.

The theme for the compo was Alone but I didn’t like that theme so I just went with Kittens. I was down-voted on theme accordingly!

Woo, this game got a lot of good ratings, but ultimately it was way way way too hard. Even today, it takes me a few play-throughs just to acquire the first fish-bone bonus. There’s supposed to be a subtle scoring/enemy threat management scheme but it’s just too overwhelmed by the nail-bitingly hard difficulty.

Still though, I think it’s a really cute game! It was my attempt to make a cutesy Flash game using vector graphics. This game was not created in Flash CS either; All artwork was drawn in Inkscape and all vector rendering is being performed by a custom Flash-SWF-to-Flixel engine. I wanted to see if I could make that vector style game without using Adobe’s content creation tools.

I wrote my own version of BulletML for this game. It uses JSON instead of XML and it’s capable of intricate bullet patterns. I think it’s a cool piece of code, but I barely used it in for Stitch. Most of the bullet patterns could have been created with simple static code.